Image service Capital Campaigns
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Sub description one Air quality
Sub description two Water quality
Sub description three Power plant upgrades
Sub description four Landmark restoration
Sub description five Homeless programs
Sub description six Affordable housing
Description service Capital Campaigns that include landmark restoration, electrical power plant upgrades, water and air quality, and affordable housing.

The firm has written grants for Capital Campaigns that include landmark restoration programs, electrical and power plant upgrades, water and air quality programs, as well as homeless and affordable housing. KS Collins & Associates will:

1. Assess your organization’s readiness for federal, state, local and foundation grant applications.

2. Research and identify potential grant funders for your organization and its programs.

3. Develop your case for support, including research to validate your case.

4. Ensure that your application provides verifiable outcome measures.

5. Provide technical review of your supporting documents, including budget development.

6. Provide grant reporting services and other follow up required by funders.